“You spend so much time at work that you have a responsibility to yourself to enjoy it.”

Software engineer Caroline Gard writes about her passion for tech and why she chose to join Mpya Digital as a consultant.

MPYA was my first job after graduation, so I may not have a frame of reference, but I still get a strong feeling that not all companies are like this one. It has always felt unique: more people-centric, more empathetic. A true collective of like-minded individuals.

Technology has always been my passion, and I have been lucky enough to travel far and wide to pursue it. I spent a year in South Korea as part of my master’s and then I went to New York for a semester to complete my thesis, which was a visualization featuring the Mars rover ‘Curiosity’. A friend and I got the chance to work with real NASA data as we collected information for the project.

That’s the beauty of technology — it can open you up to such fascinating new ideas.

For me, tech is different from any other area of study as it inspires such a diversity of thinking. There are so many cool things you can do! The tech world is constantly changing and improving, and there is almost limitless potential in what you can achieve using programming and mathematics. I love working with different designs, forms, colors, using creative ideas to solve problems and express myself.

Caroline at the Mpya HQ in Stockholm: “I find myself gravitating back here several times a week.”

I’m a consultant for MPYA, so virtually all my time is spent with my client, working as one of their team. Sometimes, consultancy can be a little isolating, but we operate an open-door policy at MPYA HQ, and I find myself gravitating back here several times a week. It allows us to talk to our colleagues with the professional pressure off. A chance to unwind and let off steam, and to open up about the challenges we are all facing.

I’ve found MPYA to be a great network for knowledge sharing, support and inspiration. The “Work is Joy” philosophy gets us all thinking, but for me it is mainly about balance. About nurturing a good, happy daily life. After all, you spend so much time at work that you have a responsibility to yourself to enjoy it. Here, we are encouraged to reflect on our own situations, and to make sure work is not dictating life.

It is so important to avoid that dreaded hamster wheel, where every day is the same and you get stuck in a rut.

I always want to push myself to try new things and get inspired by new people. But, as the company grows, one of our biggest challenges is ensuring everyone still has a voice and is able to contribute equally. That’s why I believe our “crews” are so important: breaking into smaller groups encourages vulnerability and openness. It allows us to open up and talk through our frustrations. Crew members are committed to looking after one another and ensuring every individual has a part to play.

No matter how big the company gets, MPYAns will always be there for each other. And for me, that’s incredibly important.

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Mpya Digital is an IT consultancy in Stockholm, Sweden. It is an organization made by — and continuously improved by — the people in it.

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